inquiry: RBZO 2013.08.30/01 PET film line



* The line should be like in the description mentioned below, or can be similar. 
* Minimum capacity: 300 kg. 
* It should be designed for PET film production. 
* Not older than 20 years.

Very basic extrusion line for PET (GPET, CPET) and PLA film (foil) thicknesses 150 micr up to .....? 1400 micr

Layers A - mainly virgine but also compacted flakes or 100% flakes
Layer B - flakes, grinded skeletons etc

- main extruder size: about 500 kg/h (800 kg/hour as option) + proper coex for ABA (all single screw extruders)
- melt pumps 
- fully automatic, continuous screen-changer with back-flush
- die manually adjusted with external or internal deckling
- 45°-calander (no central drive) for 950 mm film netto width (also with thickness 150 micr) or calander for 1200 mm film netto as option
- PE lamination systems for FFS market - option 
- center cutter with circular knives for a 2-up production
- accumulator (german - speicher)
- semi automatic winder
- one side CORONA treatment
- material handling, crystalization and drying - bas

Inquiry 2013.08.31/01 PET recycling line

we search for second hand recycling line for PE/PP film, with washing, crushing.